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The Difference Between Selling and Marketing a Home

The difference between selling and marketing a home

Discover the difference between selling your home and having it professionally marketed and networked.

You may be surprised that there is a dramatic difference between selling a home and having your home/lifestyle professionally marketed and networked. If so, you are not alone. We believe that countless home sellers often confuse selling a home with marketing one.

The purpose of this Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices educational guide is to respectfully clarify the all-important difference between the activities and results associated with selling, marketing, and networking your home. These important distinctions are intended to serve as a foundation for what we hope will be an engaging conversation.

How Is a Marketing Agent Different Than a So-Called Listing Agent?

  • A Marketing Agent does not merely seek to list homes, but instead, is committed to comprehensively market properties and overall lifestyles.
  • A Marketing Agent is not focused on selling more homes, but rather on causing homes to sell for more.
  • A Marketing Agent specializes in property promotion and not personal promotion.
  • A Marketing Agent will work with the home seller to create a customized marketing plan that conveys to buyers and buyer agents the overall value of your entire lifestyle.
  • A Marketing Agent is highly skilled at strategic pricing, negotiating, staging, merchandising, marketing, networking and transaction management.
  • A Marketing Agent focuses more on what makes your lifestyle different than what makes themselves different.
  • A Marketing Agent understands that homes compete but don’t compare.

There’s a Major Difference Between Selling A Home and Marketing One

  • If all homes were identical, they would be a commodity, all commanding the same price or price per square foot. Home shoppers could just take a number and buy the next house available and be perfectly happy. This is not the case. This scenario would be listing/selling a house.
  • All homes are unique and have differences that can be accentuated and properly marketed to attract the very best buyer for that property, not just the next buyer in line.
  • When you sell a home, typically you only sell to a buyer that is produced from a very limited buyer pool.
  • When a home is professionally marketed, the goal is to produce the best buyer governed by the laws of supply and demand.
  • Your property represents such supply. A professional marketing agent can best leverage the demand.

What Role Does Professional Networking Play?

Professionally marketing real estate calls for your real estate marketing professional to possess a complete grasp of the importance that range, reach and influence play in the pursuit of successful outcomes.

  • Range equals the strategic use of the internet.
  • Reach, in most cases, is maximized by how most major real estate companies collaborate with the marketing company/agents in showcasing your home for sale on their website along with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices.
  • Influence causes buyer agents and buyers not only to discover your property but also to encourage them to pay maximum value for your property and overall lifestyle. Influencing buyer agents is also inextricably interwoven with the marketing agent’s ability to network with hundreds or even thousands of other real estate professionals when working with or representing buyers.

For many, the aim of selling a home is merely to sell the property to a buyer. The purpose of professional marketing and networking is to leverage the laws of supply and demand until the property becomes sold to the “right” or “best” buyer. If you’re considering selling, we hope that illustrating how Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices network Forever Agents are different than “listing” agents, you might be encouraged to look for someone to customize a high impact marketing plan for your home.

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