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Wildwood Park – Ann Arbor Real Estate

Wildwood Park, Ann Arbor: An Embodiment of Historic Elegance and Urban Convenience

Wildwood Park is an enchanting realm in Ann Arbor, nestling on the city’s esteemed west side. Radiating the allure of yesteryears with its historical homes, this neighborhood provides a seamless blend of verdant avenues, architectural marvels, and modern-day conveniences. A realm where time seems to have paused to admire its own beauty, Wildwood Park holds an irresistible charm for those who cherish vintage aesthetics with a touch of urbanity.

The Tapestry of Time

  • Architectural Diversity: Wildwood Park is a canvas painted with diverse architectural designs ranging from traditional center-entry colonials, Tudors, Cape Cods, and Dutch colonials to English country, Arts & Crafts homes, and duplexes. Every home stands as a testament to the craftsmanship of its era.
  • Vintage Allure: The homes here are time capsules, retaining quintessential features of historical elegance. Arched doorways, regal hardwood floors, intricate crown moldings, classic wood trims, ambient wood-burning fireplaces, graceful slate foyers, and bespoke built-ins are just a few of the vintage hallmarks residents take pride in.
  • Historical and Diverse Homes: Homes in Wildwood Park are a testament to the rich history and architectural diversity of Ann Arbor. These homes, ranging in age from 1901 to 1977—with the majority constructed between 1920 to 1960—offer varied sizes from 724 to 3,586 sqft. Potential homeowners can choose from a spectrum of 1-6 bedrooms and 1-4 bathrooms.

The Gift of Location:

  • Heart of Convenience: A short stroll or bike ride from Wildwood Park, residents find themselves amidst the vibrant buzz of downtown Ann Arbor, the cultural pulse of the Farmer’s Market, Kerrytown, theaters, and boutiques. The esteemed University of Michigan is also easily accessible, adding to the location’s desirability.
  • Green Retreats: Maryfield Wildwood Park, the jewel in the neighborhood’s crown, sprawls over 4.55 acres. It boasts of shaded play zones, basketball courts, picnic spots, a volleyball court, water fountain, and an open field backstop. A picturesque wooded ravine with a woodchip trail adds to its beauty, forging a connection to Wildwood Avenue. The proximity to Miller Nature Area, West Park, and the Hannah Nature Area amplifies the green quotient of this locale.

The Spirit of Wildwood

  • A Historical Haven: Built mainly between the 1930s and 1950s, the community is home to nearly 300 historic houses, exuding an old-world charm. It’s an ideal haven for families looking to grow amidst history and for enthusiasts with a penchant for restoration.
  • Connectivity: Wildwood Park guarantees easy commuting, thanks to its proximity to main roads like I-94 and M-14. Whether it’s nearby towns or metro Detroit, residents find themselves well-connected.


Wildwood Park is not just a neighborhood; it’s a poetic blend of history, nature, and urban lifestyle. Its historical charm, coupled with the convenience of modern living, makes it a coveted abode for those seeking a tranquil life in the heart of a bustling city.


The Wildwood Park neighborhood in Ann Arbor, Michigan is zoned for Ann Arbor Public Schools. The neighborhood falls under the Ann Arbor public schools jurisdiction. Depending on their residence, students can attend Haisley, Eberwhite, or Bach Elementary School, and Forsythe or Slauson Middle School, and Skyline High School.

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Map of Wildwood Park in Ann Arbor, MI 48103