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The Glade – Ann Arbor Real Estate

The Glade, Ann Arbor: A Blend of Upscale Living and Tranquil Surroundings

Set against the serene backdrop of Ann Arbor, The Glade offers a harmonious blend of upscale homes and picturesque settings. Its strategic location brings together the charm of country living and the conveniences of urban life, promising an unmatched lifestyle experience for its residents.

Architectural Distinction in a Verdant Landscape: The Glade isn’t just a neighborhood – it’s a testament to architectural brilliance and nature’s splendor.

  • Variety in Design: Homes here flaunt a plethora of styles including sleek contemporary, elegant traditional, and charming Georgian among others.
  • Subdivision Layout: The community is thoughtfully divided into two sections – the Lower Glade enveloped in dense woods, and the Upper Glade, featuring slightly larger homes set against a pastoral backdrop.
  • Space and Elegance: All homes are spread across expansive 1-3 acre lots, ensuring ample space and privacy for each residence.

Location: Country Charm Meets City Convenience

  • Strategic Positioning: Nestled near the Huron River off E. Delhi Road, The Glade offers easy access to both downtown Ann Arbor and downtown Dexter, each merely a 10-minute drive away.
  • Natural Attractions: The scenic Delhi Metropark and the Huron River are easily accessible, perfect for nature enthusiasts.
  • Dexter’s Delight: While The Glade enjoys an Ann Arbor mailing address, its proximity to Dexter brings boutique shopping, delightful restaurants, community parks, and libraries closer to residents.

Amenities & Benefits:

  • Schooling: Students attend the nearby Dexter Schools.
  • Taxes: While the homes carry an Ann Arbor mailing address, homeowners benefit from Scio Township taxes.
  • Modern Homes: The Glade’s residences are a reflection of newer construction, ensuring up-to-date amenities for modern living.


The Glade epitomizes the dream of luxurious living amidst nature’s bounty. From its architectural marvels and expansive spaces to its strategic location and community benefits, The Glade, Ann Arbor promises an elevated lifestyle that’s both sophisticated and grounded.


The Glades neighborhood in Ann Arbor, Michigan is zoned for Dexter Public Schools.

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Map of The Glade in Ann Arbor, MI 48103