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Angell Neighborhood Real Estate

Discover the Angell Neighborhood in Ann Arbor, MI

The Angell neighborhood in Ann Arbor is often compared to its neighbor, Ann Arbor Hills, but it has a unique charm that sets it apart. Angell offers a blend of historic charm, natural beauty, and urban convenience. Nestled among mature trees and larger lots, this neighborhood provides a peaceful retreat with close connectivity to downtown amenities, shopping, and restaurants. Homes in Angell range from elegant historic residences to custom-built modern houses, making it a desirable area that checks all boxes.

The Appeal of Angell Neighborhood

Proximity to Nature and Urban Amenities

Angell residents enjoy proximity to the Nichols Arboretum otherwise known as “The Arb,” offering beautiful walking trails and natural scenery. The neighborhood is within walking distance of South University, University of Michigan Central Campus, athletic events, and Downtown Ann Arbor. This prime location provides a balance of quiet residential life and urban convenience.

Peaceful and Quiet Environment

Angell is known for its tranquility, old growth trees, and beautiful scenery. It’s free from the road noise prevalent in other areas caused by highways and busy streets. The neighborhood’s location ensures a peaceful environment complete with daily sightings of deer, turkeys, and foxes making it ideal for anyone seeking a serene lifestyle without compromising accessibility to Downtown Ann Arbor.

Architectural Charm and Community

Historic and Well-Maintained Homes

Homes in Angell range from traditional to modern. They are generally well-maintained and set high standards for architectural quality in Ann Arbor. The neighborhood is free from dilapidated properties, contributing to its upscale appeal. The Angell neighborhood fosters a strong sense of community with annual block parties, gardening and book clubs, and a friendly atmosphere where neighbors are friendly and helpful to one another. One resident shared that for a small annual “cookie tax” his neighbor allows him passage to The Arb through her backyard.

Practical Benefits and Natural Beauty

Living in Angell offers practical benefits, including easy access to major roads like Geddes, which simplifies commuting. The neighborhood’s strategic location allows residents to avoid traffic congestion often experienced on Washtenaw and Stadium during peak hours. The Angell neighborhood in Ann Arbor offers a unique blend of historic charm, natural beauty, and urban convenience. Whether you’re drawn to its peaceful environment, strong community spirit, or proximity to nature and downtown amenities, Angell provides an exceptional living experience. If you’re considering buying or selling a home in the Angell neighborhood in Ann Arbor, get in touch with us today to learn more.


Students in the Angell neighborhood attend Ann Arbor Public Schools: Angell Elementary School, Tappan Middle School, and Huron High School.

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