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The 6 places to go in the Ann Arbor area to celebrate #NationalDonutDay

Today is one of the greatest days of the year, National Donut Day! If you’re looking for ways to celebrate, I have got you covered! Below are my suggestions on places to swing by today to grab some killer donuts from around town.

1. Washtenaw Dairy

it was a great day #GOBLUE #dounutdelishiousness #itsgreattobeamichiganwolverine

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An Ann Arbor favorite, Washtenaw Dairy has been around since 1934. Made fresh daily, their donuts are hard to beat. Plus if you aren’t feeling a donut today, try one of their many flavors of ice cream also available. 


2. Dom’s Bakery

Ypsi pulling through, per usual A photo posted by natalie (@nerlman) on

Located just east of Ann Arbor in Ypsilanti, Dom’s Bakery is known for not only their donuts but their apple fritters as well. The Ann Arbor News has even stated “If you’re looking for the apple fritter to end all apple fritters, look no further than Dom’s.” So if you’ll be in Ypsi today, you might want to make a pit stop at Dom’s.


3. Dimo’s Deli & Donuts

Dimo’s part two, who will win – the donut or the burger? #foodporn #dessert #annarbor

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Originating in 1973, Karim and Mary Dimo opened an Amy Joy Donuts franchise. Through the years and the demise of the Amy Joy Donuts corporation, the name of the small doughnutt shop changed to Doughnut’s Time. In 1991, the Dimo family decided to expand their operation to include breakfast, deli sandwiches and Mediterranean specialties.

If you’re stopping by Dimo’s today, I highly recommend the chocolate frosted doughnut as seen above.    


4. Fractured Prune

#DoughnutDiet A photo posted by Chelsie Dzbanski (@chelsiedee) on

The Fractured Prune takes the usual doughnut experience and personalizes it just for you. Step up to the counter and choose from at least a dozen glazes and toppings to make a doughnut the way you want it. Located in Canton, MI, it’s worth the drive. Don’t trust me? Just ask Food Network or Al Roker.


5. Tim Horton’s

Hnnngggg new favourite donut #timhortons#donuts#flexibledieting#iifym

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If you’re looking to get a doughnut ASAP, Tim Hortons is the place for you. With four different locations around Ann Arbor and three in Ypsi, Tim Hortons is the perfect place to grab a quick doughnut.


6.(Honorary Doughnut Shop) Bagel Fragel

Alright I know Bagel Fragel isn’t technically a doughnut shop, but their fragels are a close second and possibly a good substitute. If you don’t know, a fragel is a bagel that is deep fried and covered in sugar. Today might be the perfect day for you to go try one.


Is there a doughnut shop in the area that we missed and you think should be on the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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