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Our 7 tips on surviving your first trip to IKEA

With school right around the corner, students will be moving into new apartments, houses or dorm rooms in the coming weeks. That means for many, a trip to the IKEA in Canton, MI is coming soon. For those who have never been to IKEA you’re in for a surprise once you reach the top of the escalator. We want to help you avoid the stress and frustration some people face at IKEA with our tips below:

1. Research before hand.

Research at

Looking for a coffee table? How about a new entertainment center? Visiting IKEA’s website first will help save you time by getting an idea for what you are looking for before leaving your home. In addition to research, make sure to MEASURE where you want your new furniture to go to make sure you have enough space.

2. Make a list and STICK TO IT.

IKEA Shopping List

Found what you wanted online? Great! Now write down everything you’re going to get and stick to that list. Entering IKEA without a list is a death sentence for not only your sanity but also your wallet. With a list you’ll stay on budget, avoid getting lost and shorten the length of your trip.

3. When you go, make sure it’s a weeknight.

IKEA Weekend Hours

Unless you want to be there all day, avoid going to IKEA on the weekends. They are open until 9:00 p.m. during the week and the crowds will be minimal compared to the chaos that unfolds on a Saturday or Sunday.

4. Don’t stick to the obvious path.


You have your list you made before getting here right? Good! Now avoid the herded traffic paths IKEA lays out and walk directly to the section you need to get to. Knowing where you need to go will help you avoid getting stuck behind the typical shopper, stopping to look at every display room on the path.

5. Don’t buy a temporary item.

Ugly IKEA Furniture

Odds are what you buy at IKEA you’re going to have for awhile. Don’t buy furniture thinking “Oh it’s not my favorite but it’s just temporary.” Trust us, you’ll have that neon orange side table for a long time.

6. Bring a car with enough space.

Car Space


This might seem straight forward but as you bring your car around to the loading dock, you’ll see that a lot of people have “bigger eyes than stomach,” when it comes to storage space. As you’re measuring the space available in your room, take time to measure your car as well.

7. Take your time while building.

Slow down and take time

Last but not least, once you’re home and excited to start building, remember to take your time. Read the instructions and make sure you are using the right pieces for each step. Have fun though, you’re essentially building adult LEGOs.

The most important tip we can give is to make sure that you enjoy yourself when shopping for new furniture. This is an exciting time as you put together your new living space for the upcoming school year. Whether it’s a dorm, apartment or house that you are moving into, be proud that you’re making it yours.

Have any tips for shopping at IKEA from experience not on the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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