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Our 5 choices on where to celebrate #nationalnoodleday today


In case you missed it, today is National Noodle Day! Ann Arbor has a wide variety of restaurants that you can celebrate today at all over town. We’ve provided just a few of our favorites below:


1. Palio

A photo posted by @danielle_marshall on


Today might be a little chilly to enjoy Palio’s rooftop patio, but their wide selection of pasta dishes and signature Sangria is something you don’t want to miss!


2. Slurping Turtle


Students take a break from your dinners of Top Ramen® and try some of Slurping Turtle’s “gourmet ramen.” Trust us, you cannot compare the two.



3. Mani Osteria


Well known for their pizza, Mani Osteria across from Liberty Plaza, also has killer pasta dishes to celebrate #nationalnoodleday with.



Just a delicious bowl of seafood #ramen

A photo posted by Mitchell (@sirmitchells) on


Ann Arbor’s first local noodle shop is not messing around with their various forms of ramen and Asian comfort food.  We recommended grabbing a bowl of Pho Ramen if it’s your first time visiting.


5. Gratzi

Have you tried our Lobster Spaghetti? #Gratzi #foodie #lobster

A photo posted by Gratzi Restaurant (@gratzirestaurant) on


Gratzi has been a local favorite for the past 25 years. Not only is their food delicious, they also have unique dishes for you to try like the Lobster Spaghetti shown above!


Have a favorite local noodle joint that is on our list? Let us know in the comment section below!

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