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Category: Home Improvement

    Tips to Lower Your Energy Bills in Southeastern Michigan

    By Admin | April 29, 2024

    Lowering Your Energy Bills: Tips and Free Resources for Homeowners in Southeastern Michigan In southeastern Michigan, homeowners can unlock the potential for significant energy savings. At Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Snyder & Company, Realtors, we’re not just here to help you buy and sell property, we also strive to assist you in making your home more... Read More

    Your Complete Home Flooring Guide

    By Admin | April 8, 2024

    Your Complete Home Flooring Guide Flooring is the foundation of any home’s aesthetic and practical design. With numerous materials to choose from, each offering different textures, durability, and maintenance levels, selecting the right flooring can be a significant decision. This guide aims to explore the diverse options available to homeowners. 1. Hardwood: Classic and timeless,... Read More

    Best Residential Outdoor Projects and Improvements with Highest Joy Scores and Best Return on Investment

    By Admin | May 10, 2023

    Would you be happier if your outdoor space was remodeled with a fireplace, a swimming pool, or a new wood deck? In the 2023 Remodeling Impact Report: Outdoor Features, the National Association of REALTORS® found that nearly all homeowners reported increased happiness with their completed outdoor projects – 9.7 out of a possible “Joy Score” of 10. Using Census... Read More

    Small Home Improvements, Big Results

    By Admin | March 13, 2023

    Whether you’re selling your home or wanting to add more decorative flair, consider small improvements with little money or time spent. The first thing you want to do is boost your curb appeal. Your home’s front entrance is crucial to first impressions. Add a new steel door or paint your existing door with a trendy new color.... Read More

    Keep Heating Costs Down This Winter

    By Admin | January 19, 2023

    In fall 2022, the National Energy Assistance Directors Association warned that heating costs will be the highest in 10 years as households pay nearly 18% more this winter. Between the 2020-21 and 2022-23 winters, home energy costs increased by 36%. What can you do to stay warm and save energy costs? The National Resources Defense Council advises that you... Read More

    Is now the time to remodel?

    By Admin | September 30, 2022

    With today’s runaway inflation and rising interest rates, it may seem like a good idea to put your remodeling plans on hold. Or, maybe not. According to the Leading Indicator of Remodeling Activity (LIRA) by the Remodeling Futures Program at the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University, remodeling expenditures are expected to cool... Read More

    Interior Painting Tips

    By Admin | March 2, 2022

    Buying a home is a fresh start in many ways, and one of the first things you may want to do is paint your new interior. While the neutrals that seller may have chosen are okay, you may want to repaint with color choices of your own.  Start with a high quality paint that is designed to last, and plan... Read More

    Window Replacement Guide

    By Admin | February 24, 2022

    How do you know it’s time to replace the windows in your older home? According to, some signs are obvious – hot and cold air leaks; condensation; warped, rotting or damaged frames; difficulty opening and closing; cracks or breakage; mold growth; noise pollution from outdoors; and high energy bills. If your windows are cold-to-the-touch in... Read More

    5 home decor trends for 2022

    By Admin | February 21, 2022

    The way Americans use their homes has changed since the advent of the pandemic and has informed interior design trends for 2022.  These ideas are so smart, they’re likely to stick around even after the pandemic is over.  Smart furniture – According to, the smart furniture industry is on track to reach $244 million by 2024.... Read More

    How to update your kitchen

    By Admin | January 24, 2022

    Neutral kitchens are supposed to complement any décor, but they can become bland over time. What can you do to make your kitchen more exciting? Make it artsy Art galleries have neutral walls because they don’t compete with the art, so hang a colorful abstract painting in a key location. Have fun with artistic-themed dishtowels,... Read More