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9 Photos That Capture Ann Arbor in the Fall

This fall has been one of the most delightful falls Ann Arbor has seen in several years. Who knows how long this warm weather will last and when a true Michigan fall (aka snow) will begin, but we can tell our town is taking advantage of this weather.

We’ve loved seeing all of the amazing pictures you have captured showing off our town’s beauty this warm autumn and wanted to show off a couple of our favorites:

1. We could get used to walking on campus in a t-shirt in November.

#annarbor #uofm #fall

A photo posted by Alexa Moore (@therealalexaskillskit) on


2. Actually we’re totally getting used to walking anywhere around town without a coat this late into the year.

#fall in #annarbor after falling back an hour. #fallcolors #winteriscoming #autumn

A photo posted by Insung Frank Hwang (@mammoth_again) on


3. Matter of fact, what are you doing reading this, you should be heading downtown.

#Autumn in #AnnArbor’s got us feeling some kind of way #GoBlue #Michigan #AnnArborMI

A photo posted by Sterling 411 (@sterling411) on


4. Or you could take a break from the hustle and bustle and head to one of our amazing parks.


5. We are called Tree Town for a reason.

Do you guys now understand why I like to be in the woods so much? Take a hike, you might like it.

A photo posted by Kevin Butler (@kfxb) on


6. You don’t need it to be summer to enjoy a picnic this weekend.


7. Just because Halloween has passed doesn’t mean Cider Mills are closed for the year.

Happiness is a warm Dexter Cider Mill donut on a beautiful fall day #dextercidermill #michiganfall #puremichigan

A photo posted by Marcia Mitchell (@iheartlmdn) on


8. Before the temp really starts to drop, jump on the Huron River one last time.


9. Downtown may be more buildings than trees, but it still knows how to show off its fall spirit.

Energetically Driven ⛽

A photo posted by J Michael (@jmichaelenterprise) on


If you’ve captured some of Ann Arbor’s beauty this fall tag us in your photo at either Living in Ann Arbor on Facebook or at @annarborhomes on Instagram. Also use the hashtag #movetoA2 and you could be featured in a future post!

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