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Agusta Gunnarsdottir

O: 734-747-7500 M: 734-395-9858

Good To Know.®

Agusta Gunnarsdottir brings a builder’s eye for craft and an artist’s eye for possibility to all her clients in real estate. Her sense of community guides Home Buyers toward matching their needs outside the home to their requirements within it. Her experience of local market forces lets her offer Home Sellers clear options.

As an Ann Arbor resident for more than 20 years and with more than a dozen years in the real estate business, she has developed a feeling for that city as well as any in Washtenaw, Oakland and Livingston counties which lets her serve Buyers and Sellers alike. She admires a sense of fairness, balance, and proportion in others as much as she cultivates those qualities in her own life and work.
Current and former clients will tell you that Agusta is never anything other than frank. She offers advice geared to the specific needs and interests of anyone she works with, rather than calculating where her gain may lie. She'll guide buyers toward less expensive properties rather than more expensive ones. Or she'll tell Sellers to wait for the most opportune time to sell, if they can; and if they can't wait, she'll help them prepare to sell in ways that will fetch the highest price. Whoever you may be, she'll adjust her own efforts to your convenience.

If you call Agusta to discuss your plans and hopes, and you're a Buyer, she'll take into account whatever your circumstances are in helping you find the best path to securing the home of your dreams. If you're a seller, you'll get her most clearsighted view of your home and the ways you can make it more marketable. And whether you become her client or not, expect to see her listening to you - carefully - as much as she talks.

Agusta is a Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Certified Relocation Specialist and an Eco-Broker, knowledgeable in energy-saving and environmentally-conscious measures in home-building and updating.

Phone: 734- 395-9858

Reviews & Recommendations

Jaye Starr Boz
My husband and I were extremely blessed to work with Agusta Gunnarsdottir buying our very first home. She was extremely patient as we dragged her all across the greater Ann Arbor area trying to figure out both what we were looking for and where we wanted to live. In addition to her patience and good humor, Agusta's in depth knowledge of all things house related was profoundly valuable. From evaluating the quality of the furnace, water heater, windows and refrigerator to taking apart vents to check the quality of the hardwood, she was amazing. She was also able to give us a heads up about potential construction shortcomings. She was quick and easy to communicate with and she did an extraordinary job explaining all of the different steps of home purchasing to us. We would (and have) highly recommend working with Agusta to anyone (and everyone!).

Shelley Hawkins
When choosing an agent to buy and sell our home we clearly picked the best in Agusta Gunnarsdottir. Agusta just 'got us'. After meeting with her, we knew she would provide us with the best choices and give an honest, unbiased opinion when it came to buying our home in Northville. She was with us every step of the way and being first time buyers in MI, she was invaluable. Of course, when it came to selling our beautiful home there was only one choice - Agusta. Our home was marketed and under contract within 3 weeks and it was all due to her extreme passion for what she does. Agusta has become a good frieend as well as an agent I would highly recommend, without hesitation. Truly a trustworthy person and exceptional woman.

Mary Gillis
We have purchased several properties through Snyder & Co. and our realtor, Agusta Gunnarsdottir. Agusta is unfailingly professional, available, informed, and energetic on our behalf and I couldn't recommend her more highly.

Lori Donovan
We worked with Agusta Gunnarsdottir when relocating to Ann Arbor and purchasing our first home. As first time home buyers, I'll admit we were a little clueless about many details in the process - from assessing the quality of a home and the way it has been maintained to the details around financing, inspections, etc. Agusta provided us with the information we needed in a professional, honest and straightforward way. Her experience in the Ann Arbor real estate market and the mututal respect she has with other real estate professionals was an asset throughout the home buying process. She helped us weigh the pros and cons of different potential homes, and once we made a decision was ready to spring into action to protect our goals and interests in the bidding and closing processes. We ended up with a wonderful home that we really enjoy, and know that we would not be here without Agusta.

Chandra Sripada
Agusta Gunnarsdottir was terrific to work with! She is a true professional and a great person. She really knows her houses. She was able to help us understand the good features of a house as well as the bad points (some of which are hidden and require some expertise to recognize). We were able to rely on her for good advice every step of the way. Thanks Agusta! We LOVE our house.

Wendy Sharp-Smith
Agusta Gunnarsdottir is a wonderful agent! In the midst of this spring's volatile home market, she provided professional, honest, no-nonsense guidance that was invaluable. We orginally worked togther two years ago when I was looking for a rental home. As my lease was wrapping up, I felt it was a good time to purchase, and I didn't hesitate to contact Agusta again. You'll never be sorry!!!

Kevin & Lori
Dear Agusta,
Thank you so much for all your help and guidance as we searched for and bought our new home. Your honest & straightforward manner as well as your experience & dedication really made us feel comfortable throughout the process. Plus, your winter driving skills really came in handy! :) We just wanted to send a token of our gratitude and wish you well, now and in the years to come.

Dan and Kathy Krutty
I second everything Dan said about how much we have enjoyed working with you. I have recommended you to friends in the area that may consider moving in the near future. You have been incredibly patient with our ever-changing situation. More so than we ever expected a realtor to be. We have also mentioned to Ford Motor Company Relocation services that we could not be more pleased with the service and personal care you have provided, and highly recommended they use you with other relocation employees. We will most definitely plan on your services in the future.

Thanks so much for all your work and time!

Looking forward to working with you in the future.

Ashley & Phil
Dear Agusta,
We really can't thanks you enough for finding us this wonderful house! Your kindness, competence, and efficiency made it possible for us to move very quickly and still feel good about what we were doing as we made this significant transition in our lives. We will always be grateful, and we hope to be friends with you and Leigh for many years to come. You'll have to come visit us once we've unpacked!

Chase, Shelley, Cailyn & Ethan H.
Dear Agusta,
Thank you for your patience, caring and understanding, we thank you! If only all realtors had your compassion and patience! We are forever grateful.

Thank you Agusta,
It has been a pleasure working with you. Your market knowledge, professionalism, and good cheer have been greatly appreciated. You were recommended to us as the best agent in Ann Arbor, and I have no doubt that that is true.

We look forward to getting in touch again in six years when Patricia finishes her degree!

Agusta Gunnarsdottir
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Snyder & Company, Realtors® - North Office
2655 Plymouth Road
Ann Arbor MI 48105

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